Video № 10 Saltdal – Road trip with my daughter on the way to Nordkapp

Video № 10 Saltdal – Road trip with my daughter on the way to Nordkapp

This is video number 10 of 14 from our road trip back in 2015.


“Norge på langs” – “Norway lengthwise”

The summer of 2015 I and my daughter decided to drive from Stavanger in Norway, and all the way up to Nordkapp.
To make the trip “complete”, after visiting Nordkapp we also drove all the way down to Lindesnes in in the south. The trip was done with our family car, the Volvo V40 R Design 1,6 diesel.

KM in total was approximately 6080 and the trip took 12 days.



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Next video will be from Lofoten 😉



The European route E6 highway passes through the entire length of Saltdal, with the Nordland Line running alongside it.

A road running east through the Junkerdalen valley (National Road 77) leads to Sweden. The nearest main airport is in Bodø, about 90 minutes from Rognan by road. 


Private post photo is from Arctic Circle Raceway, we had to stop here 😉




Arctic Circle Raceway is the biggest race track in Norway. It is located 30 kilometres (19 mi) south of the Arctic Circle and 25 kilometres (16 mi) north of Mo I Rana. The track was opened in 1995. The racetrack price was $10 million. The racetrack is custom built for road racing, and it also has the possibility for 24-hour racing in full daylight in summer because of the midnight sun. It is the northernmost race track in the world.

  • Racetrack
    • length: 3,753 m (2.33 mi)
    • width: 11 m (36.09 ft) – 13 m (42.65 ft)
    • Longest Straight: 493 m (0.31 mi)
    • Pitlane: 725 m (0.45 mi)
    • Height difference: 31 m (101.71 ft), drop 8.6%
    • Height above the sea: 200 m (660 ft)
    • Depo: 48,400 m2 (57,900 sq yd)


  • Lap records:
    • Superbike: Daniel Kubberød, Superbike, 1.28.1 (Juli 2009)
    • Formel: Pontus Mörth, Formel 3, 1.20.624 (Juni 1996)
    • Touringcar: Jan «Flash» Nilsson, stcc, Volvo 1:27,323 (August 2000)
    • Streetcars: Lars Magnussen Mitsubishi Evo 1:29,8 (September 2014)


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