Video №1 Gaularfjellet – Road Trip 2015

This is from the summer of 2015 when I and my daughter decided to drive Norway lengthwise.

First stop we had was in a cabin at Djuvik Camping with the beautiful Sognefjorden 🙂

We started home in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway and drove along the coastline up to Nordkapp.

Nordkapp in Norway
Nordkapp in Norway

The road back home was made as short as possible and went through Finland and Sweden down to Lindesnes that Norway’s southernmost lighthouse. From Lindesnes, it was a short drive back home to Stavanger.

The trip took 12 days and was absolutely fantastic, my best vacation ever.
This is the first video in a series of 14 from this trip, there is one more, but I’m not able to find the location for this so it will be posted as a “single” video later on.
In a later post I will also add some map details, more details about the trip itself and related links to some of our TripAdvisor reviews from this travel here in Norway.


From Nasjonale Turistveger, link to this page can be found below the text:

For most people, Gaularfjellet is a well-kept secret, but for all those who have discovered the road, it is quite special.

A journey along the road leading across Gaular, the mountain between Dragsvik and the Sognefjord, is a serene experience where the quality is in the details. The drive skirts the fjord before snaking up towards the highest point of Gaularfjellet. At the rest area at Utsikten, you can admire the panorama of mountains and valleys. The road follows Gaularvassdraget, one of the few watercourses that are protected, offering everything from wild rapids and waterfalls to calm stretches where the water glides quietly on its way. Simply driving along the watercourse and following the natural route the water takes in its descent is a wonderful experience, but if you go on foot you can be at one with nature. A continuous “waterfall path” of almost 25 km has been established from Nystølen to Eldal. You can walk the entire length or just take a short stroll to admire the watercourse at close hand. For many people, the bridge over the Likholefossen waterfall is a highlight, since it provides a feeling of being in the midst of the swirling cascade.

Private photo — Our transport, the Volvo V40 2014 mod.

In 1853 a request was made for money to establish a road over the mountain, but almost 100 years would pass before this became a reality. The road swiftly became a key transport route after its opening in 1938, but today it is a peaceful alternative to the main roads that absorb most of the traffic.

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