World RX Calendar

1WORLD RX OF BARCELONA – Circuit de Catalunya14-15.04.2018
2WORLD RX OF PORTUGAL – Montalegre28-29.04.2018
3WORLD RX OF BELGIUM – Mettet12-13.05.2018
4WORLD RX OF GREAT BRITAIN – Lydden Hill26-27.05.2018
5WORLD RX OF NORWAY – Hell09-10.06.2018
6WORLD RX OF SWEDEN – Holjes Motorstadion30 Jun – 01 Jul 2018
7WORLD RX OF CANADA – Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres04-05.08.2018
8WORLD RX OF FRANCE – Lohéac – Bretagne01-02.09.2018
9WORLD RX OF LATVIA – Riga15-16.09.2018
10WORLD RX OF USA – Cota29-30.09.2018
11WORLD RX OF GERMANY – Estering13-14.10.2018
12WORLD RX OF SOUTH AFRICA – Cape Town24-25.11.2018